How to Share Your Love of Adventure With Your Significant Other

I love adventure and the outdoors. I also love with my wife. So naturally over the course of our relationship I’ve tried to combine these amazing things with sometimes unintended but mostly positive results. Here is a humorous look at the dos and don’ts of indoctrinating my wife with my love of the great outdoors.


Jump right into the most intense option

Alex’s first time whitewater rafting… a sport raft on the Ottawa River. She swam 4 times that day.

After seeing the picture above, you’d be correct in assuming that Alex hasn’t been rafting with me since. She’s not saying she wouldn’t do it again but her and the Ottawa River have not been seen in the same vicinity since. I learned a good lesson that day. Although I was very ready for the sport raft, Alex had very little experience paddling on the water let alone on a sport sized raft in the chilly Ottawa river. When introducing your significant other to your preferred adventure, perhaps temper expectations the first time.


Start Small

Alex paddling the Saugeen

If your significant other has hardly ever been on flat water then that’s the place to start with them. Alex and I have been out on the water many times together since the whitewater debacle of our third anniversary. Starting from the bottom up has been a much better process and has greatly improved our communication and trust. We’re slowly working in moving water and it’s been a blast! The bottom line? Start easy and work your way up.


Take The Fun Completely Out of It

Alex squeezing into the main chamber of a cave

This was a massive fail on my part. Even the least claustrophobic of us can feel the squeeze when crawling into a cave. I chose to do this on a cool November morning. Yep, we spent our Sunday morning squeezing into a cave that the local kids had likely hotboxed the night before. I had never done any research on the cave or had visited it before. Consider your significant others likes and interests when choosing to introduce them to your more abstract hobbies. They may just not be that interested in it.


Go with a fun group

Cave tubing in Belize. Impossible not to like!

Alex’s next venture into a cave was in Belize. This experience was far more fun for all of us. We went with my aunt and uncle and simply floated through one of Belize’s massive cave systems on a guided tour. The bottom line this time? Keep it relaxed and go with a fun group!


Choose Big Bang for Your Buck Vistas

Rock Dunder, Ontario

Want to get your significant other hiking? Choose shorter hikes (~5km) with Big Bang for your buck payoffs. Scenic vistas, waterfalls, and any other activity your significant other may be a fan of will work. When there’s a payoff at the end then the journey to get there is all that much sweeter. The same goes for any other activity. That way if anything goes south it’s not long until you’re out of the situation.


Just Have Fun

It doesn’t have to be some big expedition, class 5 paddle, or harrowing climb. Just go have fun. The whole idea is sharing something you love with someone you love. Go do anything! Just do it together and have fun!

You’ll notice there are for more Dos than Don’ts in this post. That’s because there are far more ways to go right and than wrong. The great thing about relationships is that when done right, you never stop learning. Have the best intentions in mind and you’ll rarely go wrong. Get out there and have some fun!

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