The Best Hike in Ontario’s Maple Syrup Capital

I’m writing this post on Pancake Tuesday. What goes best with pancakes? Maple syrup of course! It just so happens I grew up in Lanark County, the maple syrup capital of Ontario.

Lanark County

Lanark County boasts more maple syrup producers than any other county in Ontario. Many of us who grew up in Lanark county, spent some of our childhood springs tapping trees and emptying buckets of sap or setting up mile upon mile of collection lines. The hard work always paid off in what is hands down the best maple syrup in Canada. Below you will find a map displaying the locations of 3 pancake houses, 1 more maple syrup producer worth the stop, and of course this article’s hike.

Blueberry Mountain

Now it’s time to work off those calories or earn that post-hike pint at the Perth Brewery. Blueberry mountain is located at the north end of Lanark County just outside of Flower Station. It’s approximately one hour of travel time from the picturesque town of Perth. The trailhead parking can fill up quick so be sure to time your visit accordingly. The Clifford family was kind enough to open their family trust to the public so please treat the land with respect.

The hike itself is approximately 5km round trip and is appropriate for hikers of all ages and skill levels. The grade is fairly easy until a short steep section just before the summit lookout. Take your time and enjoy the natural forest as you make your way towards the summit. The nicest thing about the land here is the silence. You won’t be bothered by sounds of traffic or the normal buzz of civilization. It’s noted on the Cliffland website that most areas on the hike past the 15 minute of silence test. A test that many national parks in North America can no longer pass. There’s a good possibility you will see some wildlife during your hike. I came across a bear cub on my first visit here. I’m sure momma bear wasn’t too far away.

Upon reaching the summit, you’ll be greeted by sweeping views of the Lanark and Madawaska Highlands. The views are impressive in any season. Flower Round lake can be seen in the distance. Take a deep breath of fresh air and marvel at the beauty surrounding you. You can’t help but feel relaxed on the summit of Blueberry mountain. It’s a little slice of heaven at home in Lanark County.

Visit the Clifford Family Protected Wilderness website here.

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